How Did You Do With The Challenge?

by Jennifer Blanchard

The 31-day Better Writing Habits challenge has come to an end. So… how’d you do?

Did you keep up? Did you manage to overcome some of the nasty habits that were holding you back?

We’d love to hear your feedback, so please share in the comments below:

1) How the challenge worked (or didn’t work) for you

2) What you liked about the challenge

3) What improvements you’d like to see

4) Anything else you want to share

Thanks so much!

We appreciate all you have to share with us and can’t wait to hear how the challenge worked for you!

  • Janine

    Thanks for a great challenge. I’d say the best part is that every time I came across a post in my feed, it reminded me to get writing!

  • Robin

    I enjoyed it greatly and came away with some great ideas. I started morning pages and just received The Artist’s Way and will be doing that for the next 12 weeks. I have several notebooks now to keep myself organized. I’m writing every morning now and before I turn on my computer. My goal is simply to sit down and write and usually manage at least a couple pages every morning. Working on eliminating the toxic language out of my vocabulary.

    I filled my notebook with notes from each day and will be going back and doing some of the challenges I didn’t have time for – such as writing in public and more people watching. The best part – the positive aspect of it all and the incentive to write.

  • Kristin

    Thank you so much for the challenge. It was great to start the new year establishing new habits. I have taken several of your tips and incorporated them daily. The ones that impacted me most were: setting SMART goals, writing anywhere, daily critical reading, and writing distraction strategies. I’m going to go back through the challenges to take advantage of those I didn’t have/make time for. I also liked the daily reminder that I could take a small step to be more productive in my writing. Thanks again.

  • Eporter70

    First of all, thanks to you and Suzannah for initiating the Better Writing Challenge. Your daily words of encouragement were helpful, especially in banishing the inner editor.

    I committed myself to writing five times a week. I chose my lunch hour at work and found myself writing anywhere from 250-800 words in the 45 minutes I had allotted. I did lose focus toward the end of the month because of outside changes. In spite of that, I think that the challenge gave me a reason to write.

  • I loved the challenge and will miss the daily emails in my inbox. You helped me take some positive steps toward having the best writing year ever.

    Thanks for all the advice. I am glad I can still visit you on your blogs.

  • I really enjoyed the challenge. The best part was the variety of ideas and advice, everything from wellness to rewards. I’ve started Morning pages, and although i don’t always get to them first thing, I have already noticed a difference I the way I think about things. Wonderful – thanks!

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